Team Means Stuck At Home Workout

The man in charge, owner Djuan Means, gave this workout to all of the Team Means clients who were stuck at home yesterday due to the weather. It is a beast of workout. For those who haven’t joined Team Means, here’s a taste of what you’re missing.

The Workout

1. Warm-up (3 rounds 20 sec each)
High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Butt Kicks, Alternating Leg Raises, Jump Rope ( w/ no rope)

2. Warm-up #2
Small Arm Circles 10 front and back) , Big Arm Circles (10 front and back), Torso Twist 5 each direction, 30 Jumping Jacks

3. Core (3 rounds )
Crunches 30 reps
Toe Touches 20 reps
Bicycles 10e

4. Full Body (3 rounds )
Mountain cCimbers 30s
Inch Worms to Elbow Planks 30s

5. Resistance ( 3 rounds )
Push-ups 10 reps
Super Mans 10 reps
Front Squats w/DBs 20reps
Wall Sits holding DBs overhead 30s
Side Raises 10reps
Hammer Head curls 10reps
Dips on steps or anything you can use at home 12reps

6. Cardio
RUN your Steps 6 rounds 1min w/20sec rest.

If no steps run in place 30s then side jump for 30s 4 rounds…

Get it in and let me know how you did.. Post a pic… No Excuses. Let’s get it…

bamadmin said: "There is no differentiation based on individual size, however portions served for dinners/breakfast can be increased. Lunches and snacks are suitable for one person.".
Clay Hewson said: "I was wanting to know if the meal plans would be different based on size. My girlfriend is 155 and I'm 290. I know we shouldn't eat the same amount of food just didn't know if there would be directions based on size.".

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