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Have you fallen victim to this scenario… You go to the gym with the best intentions in the world. You walk in the door, scan the weight room floor, pause for a few seconds, then head straight to the treadmills and leave without ever touching a weight. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. People take on gym memberships, but never recognize the full potential of the equipment because they are lost. When you’re unfamiliar with the equipment or have no clue what to do when it comes to proper form, the gym is very intimidating. And it’s very easy to feel like all eyes are on you, even if they’re really not. Does this sound at all like you?

Get this. Even the most seasoned gym goers have a plan. Some might not carry it around in a notepad, but the plan is still in place. They know what muscle groups they are targeting and what exercises they need to do to get the job done. If even the most seasoned have a plan of action, why should a newbie or casual gym-goer be expected to go into the gym and get it done without a plan in place? That expectation stops here. You don’t have to go to one-on-one personal training sessions to benefit from the experience of trainer. Why not walk in with your plan that is targeting to help you reach your goals and make some serious gains every trip you make to the gym? Sound like a no-brainer!!

Good news… By Any Means Fitness offers custom workout plans, sent via email, to get you through every single gym session! We challenge you to challenge us, and get your plan today!

Custom Workout Plans

bamadmin said: "There is no differentiation based on individual size, however portions served for dinners/breakfast can be increased. Lunches and snacks are suitable for one person.".
Clay Hewson said: "I was wanting to know if the meal plans would be different based on size. My girlfriend is 155 and I'm 290. I know we shouldn't eat the same amount of food just didn't know if there would be directions based on size.".

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