New Class: Men’s Boot Camp

Mens Boot Camp By Any Means Fitness

Remove your man pride and competitive attitude, and let’s build a team of men who want to see others be successful too. The fellas have been asking, so we’re making it happen. Starting September 6, By Any Means Fitness will offer a MEN’S ONLY boot camp. We’ll meet twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. 

As a part of the boot camp, you’ll also get a copy of The Gentleman’s Workout Ebook and the Diet Deconstructed Meal Plan. The cost is $65 a month. If you enroll in the AutoPay option, that price goes down to $55 a month. 

The workouts will include core training, resistance, stability, high intensity interval training, and also tabata workouts.

Fellas, this is the class that will help you get the results you want faster. You will never change until you change. Some of you guys have too much pride to let an experienced guy tell you how to work out. But, ask yourself, are you ready to see better results? If you follow our plan and come to these two classes every week, you will love the way you look and feel. It’s show time guys. Let’s get it.

One month option – $65

Reserve your spot here now:

AutoPay option – $55/month

Sign up link will be available on 9/1/16. Email us at to get a notification when the payment link is active.

bamadmin said: "There is no differentiation based on individual size, however portions served for dinners/breakfast can be increased. Lunches and snacks are suitable for one person.".
Clay Hewson said: "I was wanting to know if the meal plans would be different based on size. My girlfriend is 155 and I'm 290. I know we shouldn't eat the same amount of food just didn't know if there would be directions based on size.".

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