Earn That Turkey Challenge

By Any Means Fitness Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s a pretty simple challenge. We enjoy our Thanksgiving, so we’re not going to tell you to punish yourself while everyone else in your family enjoys theirs. We don’t want you to be drooling in the corner watching everyone else get down. That just wouldn’t be right!

The rules are simple.
1. Avoid added sugar, dairy and starchy foods (e.g. rolls, pasta, chips, cookies, flour)

2. No alcohol

3. 20 minutes of non-stop cardio 5-6 days a week

4. Keep an accurate food log

5. Prep your meals for all 7 days of the week


That’s it. It’s now (November 1) until Thanksgiving Day. Let’s get it.


bamadmin said: "There is no differentiation based on individual size, however portions served for dinners/breakfast can be increased. Lunches and snacks are suitable for one person.".
Clay Hewson said: "I was wanting to know if the meal plans would be different based on size. My girlfriend is 155 and I'm 290. I know we shouldn't eat the same amount of food just didn't know if there would be directions based on size.".

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